Advance Panel Lifter

One of the newest innovations in lifting devices is the UNE Advance Panel Lifter. This device was specially designed so that a person can stand up and not have to bend down when lifting and replacing access floor panels. Using UNE’s Advance Panel Lifter to move panels across the floor is much safer as the panel is flat and only one inch from the floor. Its advanced technology puts safety at your fingertips. This design is a welcome addition to raised floors worldwide.

Advance Panel Lifter

$175.00 each
$350.00 Minimum Order
Plus Shipping

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  • 40” from handle to access floor
  • Three 4” black cushion grips
  • Concealed heavy duty tension cable
  • 5/8” black rubber caps
  • Industrial strength steel casing
  • Ergonomic release handle
  • Die cast aluminum suction device
  • Two 5” black rubber suction cups
  • 14.5” support handle
  • Advanced pressure release technology
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.

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